Two Tarts: Take Two

Weekly Menu, originally uploaded by Two Tarts.

Week two at the Greenfield Farmer’s Market and Two Tarts are in full effect!

This week, we stuffed our crepes with fat black and red raspberries, creamy herbed goat cheese, and cocoa hazelnut spread covered in thinly sliced bananas. But it was the butter-sugar-lemon crepe that won a surprising amount of attention. I don’t blame you, people, I must have eaten 4 of them that day. Tart and tender, sweet but not sickeningly, the lemon crepe was the perfect companion to that goat cheese crepe you just finished.

Add some delicious iced caffeine…I mean coffee…and you have reached farmer’s market nirvana. Really.


One Response to “Two Tarts: Take Two”

  1. tiffany Says:

    the tomato goat cheese crepe you made for me and my fella was absolutely delicious! thank you! it’s so nice to have someone making yummy fresh breakfast for us folks who live for saturday’s farmers market here in greenfield!

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